Saturday, April 25, 2009

SCUM GOULASH - A collection of cartoons '04 - '08 by Boz Mugabe - OUT NOW!!!

"....eye-crusted feckless office-dregs creeping unwillingly to their workstations for another day's rattling of chains and suffering a jizz stain, high blood pressure, Internet porn, foetus breath "team leader" exhale hot stale winds of detritus down their encrusted work shirt collars...."

The chronically procrastinated follow-up to 2004's HUMAN STEW, this collects the cream, froth and surface jip of a 4 year span of ink blotches. Some were published, very many more have remained redundant, loitering in the archives until now!! Following a 19 year tradition of fanzine production from NOSEBLEED PRESS, SCUM GOULASH spits guile through 56 unimpressively xeroxed pages wrapped in a 200gm colour cover like a stale dribbling burrito of rank homosapien mince!!! Purchase through Paypal below. Prices are inclusive of shipping and may even get past the pirates.. you never know with these things!!

...CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT... SORRY..... ( Boz 7/7/10 )

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