Thursday, June 11, 2009

" June 2, 2009 - After some months of not feeling 100% healthy, I recently had some medical tests run and the prognosis is that I am suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Apparently, it has been affecting me for quite some time.
Although this is obviously unfortunate news, I am choosing to see the positive in it. I, and X as a band, have supported the Sweet Relief charity since the mid-1990's; the irony of this is not lost on any of us. Sweet Relief was started as an aide to uninsured artists by musician Victoria Williams when she herself was diagnosed with MS in 1992.
While this diagnosis will most certainly mean some changes for me, personally, it will not affect my commitments to the current X U.S. tour, nor will it affect my solo album that is slated for release this fall on Bloodshot Records.
My focus will certainly be on maintaining my health--many people remain strong and continue to live their lives as productively as they had before an MS diagnosis and I plan to be one of those people. "

To find out more about Sweet Relief please visit:
To find out more about X please visit:

NOSEBLEED fanzine was always rabid about the music of X. Their roots-drenched storm through punk and beyond, right to HEY ZEUS and UNCLOGGED was more often than not (!!) faultless, with Exene's unharnessed delivery weaving perfectly through John Doe's golden vocal chords. Exene's work outside the band has been varied, creative, inspirational and always refreshing. This oeuvre has spanned spoken word tirades with Lydia Lunch and Wanda Coleman, rampant punk rock with AUNTIE CHRIST ( Exene and the RANCID rhythm section ), rootsy punk with the ORIGINAL SINNERS ( including half the original DISTILLERS ), Folkabillywhatever with the KNITTERS and introspective solo records like OLD WIVES' TALES - all of it quality stuff!

WRETCH FALAFEL wishes her well!!!

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