Monday, September 14, 2009

JIM CARROLL R.I.P 1/8/1949 - 11/9/2009

The legendary Jim Carroll died of a heart attack in his home in Manhattan last Friday aged 60. Best known to the wider public as the author of THE BASKETBALL DIARIES, Jim's reluctant and brief years as a New York punk musician were invigorating and highly influential. Albums like CATHOLIC BOY ('80) and DRY DREAMS ('82) presented a rare form of street poetry, drawing from earlier life experiences as a junkie, rent boy and teen basketball hopeful gone wrong. They still stand amongst NY's finest of the era. Although his musical output beyond the Jim Carroll Band is sparse ( a fine solo record - POOLS OF MERCURY in 1998 ), he collaborated with many bands - Pearl Jam, Rancid, Lou Read amongst them - and this along with his popular readings on the poetry circuit carried his work to younger generations. RIP

My hand went blind clairvoyant
I make love to my trance sister
My trance sister went on
And my trance parents see from the balcony
I looked out on the big field
It opens like the cover of an old bible
And out come the wolves
Their paws trampling the snow
The alphabet
I stand on my head and watch it all go away

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