Thursday, October 16, 2014

"DEVILGARDEN" ...New limited edition t-shirt...

DEVILGARDEN (2014) - detail 1
New T-shirt - "Devilgarden"... For patrons of unimpeachable taste... Limited run of 50.
Black print on charcoal grey soft style shirt ( S/M/L/XL ) ...order online HERE...

Monday, October 6, 2014

TRAILS OF HELLION / DIVINE TURBULENCE exhibition & book launch 1/6/14 Trailer

BOZ MUGABE - DIVINE TURBULENCE Book Launch / TRAILS OF HELLION exhibition opening 1/11/2014 White Lady Art, 14 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

You are Cordially invited to DIVINE TURBULENCE Book Launch / TRAILS OF HELLION exhibition opening.
Saturday November 1st 2014 at White Lady Art 14 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2. 6-9pm.

DIVINE TURBULENCE ( BOZ MUGABE 2004-2014) is the first major published collection of work by Irish artist / demonscrawler / visual disinformant Boz Mugabe. Although the oeuvre stretches a lot further back, this edition zooms in on the decade 2004-2014 and its focus is work on paper. The book's content is curated from the art of 20+ solo shows and includes a supporting preface of texts/interviews. 

TRAILS OF HELLION is an exhibition of new work by Boz Mugabe. This evolves cryptic narrative based on the themes of dystopia and transgression - It uses playful elements of nature and paranoia, fear of perceived parasites, ceremonial and initiation rites as central elements around which a psychological miasma is constructed. In a former life Boz worked rabidly by candlelight on illicit and heretical codices, narrowly avoiding much deserved execution.