Wednesday, April 22, 2015

YURT - "Archipelagog" T-shirt (2015)

NEW!!! YURT - "Archipelagog" T-shirt (2015) 13 EUR  ...For patrons of unimpeachable taste...  
Limited run of 50. Grey print on heavy cotton black shirt ( S/M/L/XL ). Artwork by Boz Mugabe.

For all matters pertaining to the Sonic Elders Of Yurt go HERE  

YURT III is in the cauldron... Watch this space...

Friday, February 6, 2015


... limited quantities of these CDs unearthed in a dark corner of Irish punk rock deadstock...

POTSHOTS - 12 track CD album (2003) BINT1, Punkshit07,
BASTARD UGLY EVERYTHING - 12 track CD album (2005) BINT002, Punkshit013, Weird036

...2 CD bundle only - €9(irl) / €11(Uk/Europe )/€13(Rest of World) postpaid!!!...

All prices are postpaid

Dublin based punk band formed in 1994. Laid an orthodox punk rock foundation at the onset and utilised this to meander out on many stylistic tangents, culminating in their swansong BASTARD UGLY EVERYTHING in early 2005, after which the group disbanded. Releases include an album length cassette, 4 CD albums, 2 7" eps and several billion compilation cuts on Mad Butcher, Rejected, Punk Shit, Weird, Jacinta's Offshore Holdings, Shite'N'Onions and countless other labels time has been hazy to the memory of.