WRETCH FALAFEL has it's ancestral roots in scruffy little xeroxed pages, typed, tippexed and stapled into something called a fanzine. That was all a long time before this interwebnetty thing. Once upon a time, such nefarious, illiterate and generally misconceived habits were a necessity.

WRETCH FALAFEL reviews small things of worth, archives contributions made elsewhere and occasionally posts other things of interest. If you have such a small thing of worth you would like put through the mincer, get in touch. We won't review everything - Life is short and we'd rather watch David Attenborough talk about insects than endure stuff that has little or nothing in common with already published content. And don't send your publicist a knocking or we'll eat them... we deal with humans around here.


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  1. Thanks for the Rads and /WHERE WERE YOU reviews.